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⊕Available product
⊕Latex sponges
⊕Long velour puff
⊕Real feather puff
⊕Short wool puff
⊕Cotton powder puff
⊕Washing puff
⊕Satin back puff
⊕Flocky puff
⊕Sparkle Puff
⊕Head scarf
Order Process

1.How to order:
You can order Rectskin by Fax, E-mail & Order online;

2.Size & Style:
You can order Rectskin in any size or style.

a). you confirm order and pay the advance;
b). we design per your requirements and then e-mail you for confirmation;
c). we make your inflatable products;
d). we e-mail photographing of the product to you for final confirmation;
e). we deliver the products to you.

a). Ask for the quotation according as your demand.
b). For a cost estimate on customized puff please send an email with your requirements.

5.Confirm order:
Send us the products number, photos, size, and other demand by:
a). e-mail to: rectskin@tom.com or
b). Fax to: +86-20-36000558 / 36000580 we will e-mail you a confirmative order form by scan.

40% in advance, and the other 60% must be paid before we consign.

7.Lead Time:  
Our regular lead time is 5-15 days, excluding air transit time, from the date of confirmation.  However, it can be +/- depending on the design and also
the dimensions and quantities.

Can be transported by air on airport to airport basis or by sea. The approximate transit time is 5 days or above.

9. After service:
Rectskin is responsible for making some modifications as you need and your purchase can be reproducted and refunded if there are serious quality

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